Monday, May 24, 2010

Saturday's Book Signings

Borders in Murray

I had a great time at Borders Saturday from 11-1. Here are a couple of pictures:
 This is Morgan and Alexa. They bought my book the week before and just came in to get it signed.
Elizabeth and her sister came in. It's so great meeting new people, that's my favorite part about book signings.
 This is my awesome cousin Diane who came in to see me.

Wasatch High School Book Fair
Barnes and Noble did a book fair at Wasatch High in Heber City. OOOH, is it WRONG to put Borders and Barnes and Noble in the same blog post??? Hmmm, I hope not.

These are the other authors I signed with. Frank Cole, author of the Hashbrown Winters series, and Berin Stephens, author of  Dragon War Relics.

Alecia Buck, author of Flecks of Gold and me, author of The Mark.

 Rachel (center) is a graduating senior at Wasatch High. She organized the writer's club at the school. She sang a solo at the book signing event (there were musical numbers all afternoon) and is a very talented young lady.

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