Sunday, February 7, 2010

Review Crew

I have set up a Review Crew (comprised of teen girls, my target audience) to preview my book and post their reviews here. I'm anxious to see what they have to say. If anyone else wants to post a review here as well, feel free. Oh, and thanks girls, I appreciate your help. I've posted the reviews that have come by email.



  1. "The Mark is an engaging, fun puzzle of a book--a riddle to be savored. I was taken in by the surprising romance, and the intriguing storyline kept me hooked until the last page. I'm hoping for a sequel!" --Aubrey Mace, author of Spare Change, My Fairy Grandmother, and Santa Maybe

  2. "The Mark is a GREAT book! I loved the original storyline of the book, it is not your same old same old. You are drawn in to the book from the beginning and are hooked until the very end. It kept me intrigued waiting to see what would happen to Tori and her friends. I loved it!" Morgan Kap

  3. I loved The Mark with its fun story line and real life feel. I was drawn to the characters and into this world full of puzzles until the very last page! I hope there's a sequel coming!

  4. The Mark is a fantastic book, with a great plot line and an easy-to-love cast of characters. I was hooked from page 1. It was such a page-turner that I even took it with me and read it on a cruise ship. I just couldn't put it down! It's an enchanting story, with mystery, romance, action, humor and suspense- I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

  5. It’s fun and full of mystery. Books with those aspects tend to draw readers in, like myself. I love the way the book keeps you on edge, and anticipating the turning of the next page. The mysterious and unique qualities portrayed in The Mark, are liable to send your head spinning and keep you hungry for more.