Saturday, March 27, 2010

Editing Issues

Well, we tried but obviously not hard enough. My daughter pointed out a couple of editing issues in The Mark. So here's the deal, help me out. When you find typos or things wrong in my book, please leave a comment here letting me know what the problem is and what page it's on. That way, just in case it needs to go to a second printing, we'll be ready with some changes.

Go ahead, hit me, I can take it!


  1. I'll start with the most GLARING ones.
    Page 199
    "And Eric will be there visiting there,...
    Should read: "And Eric will be there visiting,...

    With my with my face showing...
    Should read: With my face showing...

    My daughter pointed another error out but I'm not sure any of you will catch it so though I have made note of it I'll not mention it...yet. It's a consistency error. Can you find it???

  2. Her mom never agrees to the college tour. I also noticed a missing period but can't find it now. It was somewhere in the middle;)

  3. This in from Vanesa, (thanks):
    page 54, paragraph 7, Eric is talking to Tori but addresses his comments to Amanda.

    Should read: "Tori," he said gently, "Let me finish."

  4. This is the subtle one my daughter found.

    Page 166, Tori kisses Eric's hand and experiences sensory overload. When they talk about it later, page 230, they got it backwards.