Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You've Gotta Laugh at Yourself

I'm done with my editing-I think. It's now in the hands of the editors at Cedar Fort. I'm not really sure when it goes to press but I think the end of this month. The date has moved around a time or two so we'll see. I can't wait to see the finished product.

One other bit of good news, I have a book signing scheduled for April 13th at the South Towne Barnes and Noble from 7-9pm. I assume it will be with several other authors. I'm thinking that since I have so many kids, if I have them stagger themselves and come every 15 minutes or so I should have a steady stream of visitors--ok, make that a steady trickle.

Now comes the worrying part. What if nobody buys it? What if no one shows up to my book signings? What if people do buy it but then don't like it? Am I making a fool of myself? It makes me laugh. My daughter and I just watched a couple of internet clips of American Idol tryouts. You know, the bad people were really funny. Sam said all the kids at school are singing this song about "Pants on the ground" that this older guy sang. It was really funny and a lot of fun. This is all just about having fun. So my plan is to buy a book from the author next to me and if all I get done is reading while I'm at my book signing, it will have been a great day. (And they will have sold a book.)

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