Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming Together

We just got back yesterday from our cruise. Since the newest addition to our family just joined us in October, and since my oldest son will be leaving soon to serve a 2 year mission for our church, we decided we needed to have a family vacation with everyone while we still could. It was a good thing to spend time together.

We left cold snowy Utah and went to Florida, where we experienced record cold temperatures. From there we went to Honduras, Beliz, Costa Maya and Bahamas. The weather was great for the last half of the week. We visited an orphanage in Honduras and were able to play soccer and marbles with the kids. A great day.

Interesting thing about a cruise is that it pulls you away from everything for a week. We didn't hear about the earthquake in Haiti until a couple of days after it happened. The adoption agency we went through to adopt our son from Taiwan also works with Haiti. Of the two orphanages they work with there, one was still standing and they believe that everyone was able to evacuate the second one before it tumbled. It looks like the children are all ok for now.

It is a heartwarming thing to see people come together in times of need to help others. What a helpless feeling to hear of the suffering going on and not really be able to do much to help. We can throw money at it but what would really be satisfying would be to personally hand water to someone who needs it, pass out food to the hungry, and care for the injured. Instead we rely on others to do it in our place, and we work together to give them the means to give the much needed help.

And we pray.

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