Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Review

I saw my first bad review the other day. I was checking out goodreads reviews and one of them was pretty negative.

Ok, she hated it.

I had been dreading the moment but you know what--it really wasn't that bad. My first thought was, "Oh no, maybe everyone feels the same way and my friends are just being nice." I was worried that people would buy my book and then hate it and feel like they'd wasted their money.

Then I thought, "Nah, you can't please everyone." So my disappointment didn't really last very long. I reread it and realized that she actually made some pretty good points.




  1. It's unfortunate that she didn't like your book, but I'm glad you were able to quickly squash those negative thoughts and think positive! I think for every one person who doesn't like it, there are going to be at least 4 more who absolutely adore it!

    I just read a fantastic review of The Mark over at Fire and Ice Photos blog which has me wanting to read it even more!! I haven't seen it anywhere here in Australia so I might have to look online for it.

  2. Brodie,
    Thanks for the positive vibes. I hope you're right. Heather over at Fire and Ice did a very kind review. If anyone's interested it's at

  3. Well, the majority likes your book. How I wish I could read it too! Too bad it's not available in my area. I just saw the book on Goodreads and there's only one 2 star rating. I assume that's the one you're talking about?

    Sometimes, a negative comment will actually help you in writing a better book in the future, so it's not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, keep up the good work, and stay positive! :)

  4. I agree, you can sometimes learn more from a "bad" review than a "good" one. Criticism is a good thing if you allow it to impact you in a positive way.

  5. Don't feel to bad. I had my first one this week too. I wish it was something I could learn from, but they didn't speak much in specifics. Hm.

  6. Rough, sorry you got a bad review. It's inevitable though--right?