Thursday, June 3, 2010

Winners for the Summer Treasure Hunt

June 1
WINNER: Amber Nielson of Vermont
ANSWER: Herself and her people from death and tyranny
June 2
WINNER: Barbara Stilwell
ANSWER: The remote into the TV
June 3
WINNER: Judy Cox of Louisiana
ANSWER: An empty wheelchair
June 4
WINNER: Ginny Romney of Arizona
ANSWER: Charles Lucas
June 5
WINNER: Karin Tillotson of Pennsylvania
ANSWER: Luck of the Draw
June 6
WINNER: Laura Lewis of North Carolina
ANSWER: Not finding out
June 7
WINNER: Carol Rainbolt of Arizona
ANSWER: Jack Brandon
June 8
WINNER: Mina Gerhart
ANSWER: Leroy and Jody
June 9
WINNER: Cassandra Cantrell of Utah
ANSWER: She was wading in a stream and her skirt was hiked up showing her legs and bare feet
June 10
WINNER: Diana Donahoo of Illinois
ANSWER: Jack Weyland
June 11
WINNER: Angela Isbell of Utah
ANSWER: the Austrian Alps
June 12
WINNER: Cindy Schuerr of Wisconsin
ANSWER: He played pro football.
June 13
WINNER: Rachel Stanley of California
ANSWER: He has an extra chromosome/Down syndrome
June 14
WINNER: Tawnya Mayo of Utah
ANSWER: Robert E. Howard
June 15
WINNER: Tracy Astle of California
ANSWER: Chonmage
June 16

WINNER: Tracie Travis of California
ANSWER: Adventures with the Word of God
June 17
WINNER: Karen Haas of North Carolina
ANSWER: Go country line dancing
June 18
WINNER: Colleen Conklin of Arizona
ANSWER: About half a million
June 19
WINNER: Taffy Lovell of Utah
ANSWER: Mormon Mishaps and Mischief
June 20
WINNER: Becky Drew of Arizona
ANSWER: I took a class in middle school and my last clocked speed was 120 words per minute
June 21
WINNER: Karen Tillotson of Pennsylvania
ANSWER: ADD/ADHD, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Educational Activities for Home, Transition to Adulthood

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