Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ya Gotta Love Soccer

I'm sitting at the computer with wet feet. My daughter had a soccer game tonight. She missed the first one because my older daughter had a concert. The second one she was only able to play for the first half because she had a piano competition. (She did very well)

So tonight she was very excited about her first full game. After the hail this afternoon I kept checking my email to see if her game was cancelled. Nope. Soccer goes on through anything. Rain, snow, mud, cold...

So we brought our umbrella's, I decked my younger son out in a rain slicker, and off we went to cheer her on. She loved it. She and the other girls were completely drenched and frozen by the time it was over but I didn't hear one word of complaint from any of them. They were happy to be running around after the ball.

Guess I'll go change my shoes.

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